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Tyeesha Holt, a native of Lawton, Oklahoma, is recognized by the boldness and compassion she displays when it comes to one of the most complex topics in
society today: gender identity and homosexuality.
Tyeesha struggled with her identity from third grade up until she was 23 years old. Even after having an encounter with Christ and changing her lifestyle, Tyeesha still struggled with identifying as a woman.  She began to self-evaluate to understand the root behind her disconnect to her femininity.
She learned that her homosexual behavior was influenced by more than her attraction towards the same sex, but it was a gender identity issue. Tyeesha’s transparency and understanding of identity confusion and insecurities has made her approach in teaching on homosexuality like none other, resulting in lives changed across the world. Her mission is to express the gospel in a way that brings truth to the LGBTQ+ community and to equip the body of believers on how to effectively reach those influenced by the practice of homosexuality. 
Tyeesha Holt Ministries was birthed from her encounter and transformation in 2013, and she has become a dynamic speaker, spiritual life coach and the author of three groundbreaking books that educate adults, youth and children on what homosexuality is and not what the world has made it out to be. 
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